Monday, July 27, 2009

Back to it!

Haven't posted in a while, no new painting to post and quite a bit going on. Our art league's membership show was last week. I didn't sell anything but, according to someone who was there at the time, someone almost bought one. Guess that will have to do. ;-)
Two paintings are entered in our upcoming juried art show. Eager to see if either are accepted.
Since I have started painting more often, I have found that I want to paint more often. The fever is growing. There is so much to learn and practice that I can't let anything slide. Would also like to accumulate a body of work, don't have much right now. Well, to be more accurate, don't have much I would want to show anyone.
Getting ready to begin a new painting, first time to try a watercolor canvas. Should be interesting. In art class last week, we painted American Indian pots on watercolor board. Things must be handled differently, no fiddling allowed or it all comes up. It was fun! Wonder if the watercolor canvas will be the same?
When I get a chance, will post a photo of my Indian pot from art class (unfinished) and my latest painting.

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