Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art Show

Last week, our art league had its annual juried art show. It was a very busy week, setting up and making sure all was ready. We have a very good group and, like all groups, there are some that help more than others, but everyone pitches in. I was pleased to have one of two paintings accepted. I didn't win any awards but better than that, the painting sold! My first ever sale and I am still excited about that. That sale inspired me to do more art and even to try and enter other shows than our local one. Of course, if I don't get busy and produce some art, won't have anything to enter!
Still having trouble getting started. I spent all of yesterday looking at reference photos, managing to let the day go by without beginning anything. Today, I must, I will begin. It is like wanting to write something and just staring at the blank sheet of paper. One must just jump in and write/paint something, anything to get things flowing.
Now, here I am delaying again by writing in this blog. Ha! Signing off to get busy!!