Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ideas and Time

As has been my habit of late, too much time has passed since my last entry. Too much time has also passed since I have done any art. I began a watercolor landscape, something I could get help with in a Tom Lockhart workshop this weekend, but, alas, the class didn't make. Forging ahead with the painting and having some fun with it. First, had to fix some problems, which went better than expected. Thought I might have to start anew.
Our art league will have a membership show this summer and I need to get busy so I have some art to hang. There has been a lot of traveling lately, family visits, funerals to attend and a short illness. This has cut into my art time, as has getting the veggie garden planted and feeding a large number of very hungry hummingbirds!
Have enjoyed my recent graphite drawings so much, contemplated letting my watercolor go to concentrate on that medium. However, I also find myself missing the paintbrush so will just keep doing both. Perhaps I can combine the two.
It has been a beautiful spring for wildflowers so have been taking photos quite a bit lately. Maybe some of those will become paintings. I have a very long list of ideas, just need to sit down and get busy with them! Speaking of which, I need to stop posting to the blog and get back to my painting now!