Friday, December 9, 2011

As I note the title of my seldom updated blog, it seems I may need to change the title.  While I do have a small watercolor in progress, the majority of my work of late has been in graphite.  It is so enjoyable and has helped me quite a bit with my values.  Works in graphite have always attracted me so, perhaps, that will be my medium of choice.  However, I do enjoy wielding a paintbrush too.
My intention of getting more art work done hasn't worked out so far.  We have had house guests and then there are the preparations for Christmas.  My camera has been busy on the daily morning hikes with Callie dog so have many reference photos for future projects.  I think I will always have way more photos than actual works!
Exciting news!  Something so wonderful is happening that I never expected or dreamed would come about.  I am getting a studio!  I have ordered a portable building 12x24 that will be insullated, paneled, wired and have a small heat pump for climate control.  It is hard to imagine that there will be a space to create without the constant blare of the TV set (hubby has one on all day, whether he is around to watch or not, he comes and goes) or phone or dog asking for attention.  Imagine, just my work and music.  Ahhh.  It will also be nice to have all of my art things in one place.  As it is now, my art table and main work space is in the living room window.  There are supplies in the oak cabinet nearby, also in the guest bedroom and our bedroom.  They are taking over our small home!  The place where we ordered our building is running behind so it probably won't be delivered until after Christmas. 
I hope everyone (not sure how many folks actually read this) has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012 too!
P.S.  My latest graphite WIP, while almost complete, can't be shown here as it will be a gift.  Will have to post later.