Friday, June 4, 2010


I have recently finished yet another piece in graphite, this one of a tom Turkey that was strolling by the front of our house one day. I was able to take a photo through the window and used that as reference. While working in graphite has been very enjoyable, I am not sure I can give up color to concentrate on working in black and white. My next project will be using colored pencil so I can work in pencil but also have some color!

As I am sure happens with all artists, my emotions ran the gamut with this piece. Whenever I was at my unhappiest with how things were going, laying it aside for a while, then coming back to it with "fresh eyes" always helped. Amazing how it seems a work in progress can change so drastically when one just walks away for an hour or so. At least that is what happens for me. The last thing I feel when a piece is finished is surprise. Wow! It really did turn out OK. After all the worrying with it and about it, things actually worked out. That feeling is so wonderful; exciting, satisfying, and some relief in there too.

Each project I have done, whether I am happy with the results or not, has taught me so very much. Hopefully, I will start getting more brave and not be afraid to experiment more. Still have the problem of being afraid to mess things up! If I want to progress and evolve, have to overcome that for sure.
I had some trouble with photographing this drawing. I guess it was the graphite reflecting the light. The drawing looks darker in person than it does here.