Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another dry spell

I did it again, neglected my blog. I haven't done much art either, but didn't ignore it completely. Finished a painting, which I will post here. Still a couple of minor things I plan to do on it but mainly, it is finished. Lately, put the watercolors aside to concentrate on drawing. It is something I feel that I need to really practice on and should also help my paintings look better. Starting with a better drawing before painting has got to help! Surely can't hurt.

Working in graphite is something I used to do years ago and enjoyed so am discovering it again. Funny thing, I have the same problem in graphite as I do in watercolor, values. Having a hard time getting out of the habit of having everything in the mid range.

There must be more time spent in practice or I will be stuck in this mediocre rut for a long time.
The posted painting is of our old tractor covered in snow.