Friday, May 25, 2012

A New Drawing

A big problem with posting so seldom is not remembering what I posted the last time.  There is a danger of repeating myself.
Big news since last post: the drawing of the lichen won 2nd place, mixed media,  at the Ballinger, Texas Mini show.  This is my first prize, other than honorable mention and I was quite excited. 
The new studio has proven to be even better than I dreamed.  It is a refuge and a wonderful place to work, mostly uninterrupted.  For the first time, I can get into the zone!  The only problem I am having is remembering where everything is, which will get better eventually.
I have just begun an on-line art class, taught by Deborah Paris, Field Sketching for Landscape Artists.  This is an area I really need help with.  Looking forward to getting alot of practice and good information.
My latest drawing is pictured here, "Intertwined".  Because we live in the country and have alot of deer around, collecting shed antlers has become a hobby.  I decided to set up a still life with some of them and make a drawing.  It wasn't easy but finally was able to finish.  Coming up with the title was the hardest part!
This summer, in Coleman,  Carolyn Walker is presenting a workshop on using watercolor on Yupo.  This is something that has intrigued me for some time so I have signed up.  She supplies everything we need so a great way to "try before you buy"!
Since my last drawing was completed, have been playing around with acrylic painting.  Not an easy transition and I have alot to learn but I am having fun with it and hope to finally figure it all out.  With the Field Sketching class, probably won't have alot of time to paint for a while though.
Busy days ahead in art and also in life.  Second grandchild due this summer, first grandchild celebrating his second birthday, baby shower, etc. all requiring the six hour drive to Houston.  I have a feeling this summer will fly by!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time Flies!

Another long absence from my blog.  Guess I just can't get into it, so much to do each day, this seems to stay at the bottom of the list.  My latest drawing is pictured here, a lichen I found growing on an oak twig, done mostly in graphite with a touch of colored pencil.  It will be entered in the Ballinger Mini-show next week.
My studio is up and running.  It is even better than I expected.  So nice to have plenty of room, know where everything is and not have to put everything away each time I finish for the day.  Time flies while I am working, no interruptions from phone, husband or dog. 
Recently, while doing alot of heavy lifting, moving into the studio and helping hubby with chores and heavy duty garden hoeing, woke one morning with swollen painful hands.  When it didn't resolve itself in a timely fashion, made an appointment with the doctor.  Blood tests run and x-rays taken.  Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, either caught very early or a very mild case.  After feeling horrified at first and fearing for my art career, realized that it could be alot worse, meds are helping and I am feeling fine.  Have had to make adjustments in the time I spend on my art; more frequent breaks and limiting sessions but otherwise things are going well.  This isn't something I am running about telling folks or announcing on social media or elsewhere.  Also, not keeping it as a secret, just going on with things and explaining to folks if it happens to come up.  One day at a time, no sense getting all bent out of shape when things could be ever so much worse.
Latest project started, a rather complicated still life that could prove very interesting or could send me to the funny farm!
As time goes on, I find myself so much more relaxed about my art.  Enjoying the process more than worrying about the outcome.  The list of things I want to try and to accomplish is long and I am looking forward, happily, to it all.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I really must try to do a better job on this blog.  It is no wonder I only have three followers!  I might need to consider changing the title of my blog, since not much painting has happened in my studio in quite some time.  All work of late has been in graphite, which I am enjoying very much.  The posted photo is of my latest, a portrait of my dear friend's two cats.  Working on this was fun, since I know and love these two kitties well.
On to the next project, which, if I do things as I should, will be more sketching practice than working on a specific drawing.  Sketching needs to be a priority so I can more easily do quick studies of scenes/animals, etc. that I happen upon.  When I do a specific work, thumbnails need to be a priority.  My planning has been lacking and I need to spend the time getting the entire composition arranged and values arranged before starting.  It is hard for me to do.  An interesting scene presents itself and all I want to do is get it into a completed work as soon as I can.  The main subject goes fine but then I am presented with figuring out how to put in a background and foreground without messing up what I have worked so hard on.  Planning is something that has to be done, as I have been told repeatedly and agree with. I just have a hard time slowing down enough to actually do it! 
Today will be spent in planning two ideas I have.  With Stars of Texas art show entries due in just over a week, my inclination is to whip something out but must resist that temptation.
Last week Hubby and I visted my studio, which is being built in Abilene.  It is coming along but not nearly as quickly as I would like.  Electricity has been run so next step is insulation and paneling.  Hopefully it will be ready for delivery by the end of the month but not holding my breath.  The crew that was working on it quit last week so not even sure a new crew has been hired!  Frustration!  Once it is here and all set up, will be so nice to have a quiet place to work without phones, temptations of the electronic kind (computer) or a dog who wants to go in and out every five minutes.
Another constant distraction is the outdoors, which calls to me.  Living in the country is wonderful and being out in the beauty of Nature inspires me.  What I need to do, yes another thing for my list of goals, is go ahead and spend more time outside but with sketchbook in hand.  Back to those sketches.  I originally said that I was going back to graphite to work on the basics and for help getting values correct.  What I really need to do is truly go back to basics and sketch, sketch, sketch.  Gesture drawings of the animals I normally take photos of would help as well.  I can see that my problem is being in a hurry to be able to make art comparable to an artist who has been working at their art for many years and I have only just begun.  My time spent working on art doesn't help either, need to do more.  Same song, second verse.  What I need to do is obvious, actually doing it is the challenge!
Seems this blog entry has turned into more of a journal.  As I wrote, more things occured to me and realizations made.  It may not make for interesting reading for others but sure did help my journey.