Friday, May 25, 2012

A New Drawing

A big problem with posting so seldom is not remembering what I posted the last time.  There is a danger of repeating myself.
Big news since last post: the drawing of the lichen won 2nd place, mixed media,  at the Ballinger, Texas Mini show.  This is my first prize, other than honorable mention and I was quite excited. 
The new studio has proven to be even better than I dreamed.  It is a refuge and a wonderful place to work, mostly uninterrupted.  For the first time, I can get into the zone!  The only problem I am having is remembering where everything is, which will get better eventually.
I have just begun an on-line art class, taught by Deborah Paris, Field Sketching for Landscape Artists.  This is an area I really need help with.  Looking forward to getting alot of practice and good information.
My latest drawing is pictured here, "Intertwined".  Because we live in the country and have alot of deer around, collecting shed antlers has become a hobby.  I decided to set up a still life with some of them and make a drawing.  It wasn't easy but finally was able to finish.  Coming up with the title was the hardest part!
This summer, in Coleman,  Carolyn Walker is presenting a workshop on using watercolor on Yupo.  This is something that has intrigued me for some time so I have signed up.  She supplies everything we need so a great way to "try before you buy"!
Since my last drawing was completed, have been playing around with acrylic painting.  Not an easy transition and I have alot to learn but I am having fun with it and hope to finally figure it all out.  With the Field Sketching class, probably won't have alot of time to paint for a while though.
Busy days ahead in art and also in life.  Second grandchild due this summer, first grandchild celebrating his second birthday, baby shower, etc. all requiring the six hour drive to Houston.  I have a feeling this summer will fly by!

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