Monday, July 13, 2009

Painting Monday

This will have to be a painting Monday, as I got nothing done in that regard over the weekend. The occasional migraine will lay me low, unfortunately it took my entire weekend this time. Feeling fine today and eager to get back into my "studio" (kitchen table). I am working on a small painting of bluebonnets, first attempt.
While walking the dog yesterday, she met up with a porcupine. We live in the country so she doesn't have to be on a leash. Meeting a porcupine isn't all that unusual but Callie getting close enough to one to be quilled, is! She was a very lucky dog, only getting three quills in her chin. Looked rather like a spindly goatee! Easily pulled out and didn't seem to hurt her very much. I hope it hurt enough so she remembers to respect the porcupine's space from now on. She has learned the hard way (more than once) about skunks.
Morning walk time, hopefully, we won't see any skunks or porcupines this morning.

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