Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Wishing

Finished reading blogs a moment ago. It is interesting to read the artists' bios. Most have had formal art schooling and have been doing their art since childhood. Looking at their work, I feel as if I am so far behind, rushing to catch up. Have never sold a painting, entered only one juried show so far (amazingly accepted!) and took a few art classes in college as electives. As a child, I drew for fun, mostly doodling. Had a Walter Foster drawing book or two to use for direction. I guess the difference in me and the artists I am reading about is they had a drive to do art from a young age. My drive came to me late in life, hence playing catch up. I also don't remember any encouragement from my discouragement at least.

I need to fight this type of thinking, however. I am not playing catch-up with anyone, I am on my own personal art journey. I need to admire other art without comparing my own to it. Each time I paint, I learn something, mostly what not to do but that is so important. The occasional work shop or class will help too but finances don't always allow them.

Not sure if what I write here is interesting to anyone but it does help me to think things through and to remember to enjoy my art and not worry about the outcome. Progress will come but only if I work at it, don't become frustrated and push right through the occasional wall.

My latest painting is posted here. I made a big mistake in the background color (photo doesn't show true however) and have some ideas of how I might fix things. The flowers themselves need more work as well. It is a small painting, 4x6.

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  1. So many of the most accomplished artists are self-taught. Persistence, practice, and perseverence are the key! Happy painting!!!!!!