Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Finding inspiration can be difficult at times. At least, for me personally, that is the case. The creative muse can be fickle, leaving at the oddest of times, sometimes staying aways for what seems like an eternity.
I find my inspirations in different places. Nature is the most common place. My home is in the middle of several acres so, if we choose, my husband and I don't have to see anyone. We are surrounded by Nature, sometimes beautiful, other times harsh and hard. The trees are beautiful, appearing different as the daily light changes. When we have rain, wildflowers are everywhere and there are the animals and birds that live here as well. Sometimes, because I am surrounded by these things on a daily basis, I forget to really see them. They can become commonplace and uninteresting. I begin seeing just a tree or just a bird or gee, there is another deer, ho hum. It is rather like taking it all for granted, something I try very hard not to do because I feel truly blessed to be able to live in this place. When I snap out of it, I begin to see the beauty again, not just in the form of the tree but in the texture of its bark, the shape of the branches and varied greens of the leaves.
Another place I have found inspiration lately is by reading the blogs of other artists. Here I find people that have the same joys and difficulties as I, so I feel less alone or unusual. There are also those that have artistic blocks, difficulties with a painting or drawing. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am the worst artist, having doubts about my abilities. In reading blogs, I find others with the same doubts and, seeing their beautiful work, it makes me feel better about what I am doing and attempting to do.
Thank you to all of the other artists, no matter what your style or medium, for sharing what you are working on and how you are feeling with the rest of us. It has truly helped me with my art and my outlook!

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