Monday, June 1, 2009

Second Day

It has been difficult to think of something to write today. Rain first thing this morning delayed the start of my day so am running behind. No art has been done today but it seems it is always on my mind. The colors in the clouds this morning; blue-gray, steel gray, hints of pink where sunrise peeked through gaps, blue with some purple- beautiful and constantly changing. My mind wonders how I could possibly get all of that on paper. Will have to try though.
Sun is out now, light is harsh but the shady areas under the trees look cool and inviting. Between the trees and grass, the predominant color out there is green but not just one green, oh no! So many greens; gray-greens, blue greens, yellow greens the list goes on. There are even some brownish greens where a limb full of leaves has broken off of a tree and the leaves are slowly dying.
As I think of all the things I see on a daily basis around me, I wonder how many people rush through their day and never notice any of it. Perhaps viewing my art will show them what they are missing?

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