Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Change in attitude

Something has happened to me of late. I find myself wanting to spend more time painting! The time I spend painting is also more enjoyable. Something has "clicked" in my brain and I think I have finally relaxed and decided not to worry about final products and just have fun. Sure am glad this has happened. When I relax and enjoy the process, I am more open to try new things, which will help the learning curve quite a bit.
Tomorrow, there is a watercolor class in town, first of a series of Wednesday get-togethers. It will be fun painting with others but also a good chance to get the help of the teacher, Ginger Test, a very experienced watercolorist. She is very patient and giving, loves to teach. Not that it is easy for me to go to this workshop/class. I feel much safer here in my own little "studio" (kitchen table), with no one looking over my shoulder. I may be getting more brave with my art but have a ways to go yet! However, if I want to learn, I have to put myself out there, so to speak.

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