Monday, June 8, 2009

Falling Behind

Seems as if I am falling behind, both in my blog entries and getting some art done. I tend to spend too much time on the computer. Should be painting right now, am all set up to do so.
Self-discipline is weak so far today and I must change that. Can't get better if I don't paint and I can't paint if I am at the computer!
Went through my reference photos yesterday, planning my next painting. Have many possibilities, some of which I will save for the class I will be taking on Wednesdays starting this week. Ginger Test is the teacher and she is wonderful; very patient and helpful.
Everything I see while outside, is something I would like to be able to paint. There was a male Cardinal at the top of a dead tree, singing his heart out this morning, bright blue sky was his backdrop. Also found two Rain Lilies growing side by side and took their photo. Never ending subject matter around here just need to sit down and do it. Guess I am a perfect target for the Nike slogan, "Just Do It!"

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