Sunday, September 5, 2010

New work

Seems every time I post here, my first sentence has something to do with how long it has been since I posted. Guess blogging isn't my strong suit.

My latest work has been a commission of sorts, a request from my son and daughter-in-law for some art for their soon to be born son. Their first child and our first grandchild so very exciting times. Both of these pieces had more work done to them after these pictures were taken but nothing major.

I have a painting in progress and a long list of ideas for watercolor color and graphite work.

This summer was so busy with watering and working in the vegetable garden. I am looking forward to the fall and winter when I have more time to spend on my art. Of course, there will soon be a new grandson to be spending time with.

Our art league has a juried art show coming up the first weekend in October and I just found out that two of my submissions were accepted. One of these days maybe I will win a prize too!

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  1. Congratulations on your show acceptance, and on a new grandson! I especially love the puppy piece!!