Thursday, September 30, 2010

Art Show

It has been a busy time, helping get the art show ready, and my role is small compared to others. It opens tomorrow (Oct. 1) and is also open on Saturday. Many days of work for a two day show! So many wonderful pieces, glad I didn't have to pick a winner. Alas, neither of my pieces won an award but, after seeing the caliber of art that was accepted, not surprised in the least. Our league dropped the size restrictions for the first time and we got some very large paintings. My graphite pieces were rather small and almost invisible! My pleasure comes from getting my work into the show and I know, one day, I will actually win something! The fun is in the doing anyway.
Need to finish a watercolor of peaches then move on to other ideas I have. Way more ideas than I have time to get to so keep a running list so I don't forget!

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