Friday, August 14, 2009


Lately, I have been painting way more than usual and have some finished work to show for it. All of these were learned and/or started in my art class. They were fun but not sure I will do many or any more like them. Will be more likely to do flowers than pots but I did enjoy doing the pots.

Haven't felt well the last few day so haven't been painting. Got back to it today and ended up tossing a work in progress. Was trying a watercolor canvas, thought it would be a nice change. Well, I was wrong. Guess someone needs to give me lessons but I couldn't get the thing to wet, paint wanted to bead up. Also, if you go back in to add shadows or second washes, the first color that was put down, comes up again. Like I said, guess there is a trick to it that someone needs to teach me but, until that happens, won't be buying any more of those things. The pots were done on watercolor board and I didn't mind that at all. It is different than paper but easier to figure out!

Started a painting of a cat today. Hope I can manage it!

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